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    Move away from mass marketing. Tired of non-actionable attitudinal segmentation studies gathering dust and that can only be typed poorly? Alternately, tired of behavioral segmentation that gives no insights into segment-level needs for product design, or consumer attitudes that are the same across segments for forming communication strategy across the segments? Gain access to the true power of segmented marketing. Get access to segmentation solutions that let you find the segments in databases, design optimal products and form communication and channel strategies for each of the segments …

  • Get access to Market segmentation software that has formed the core analytics engine for successful marketing consulting firms, and increased Database Marketing ROI by 10% for one of the largest Direct Marketing companies in the US.

  • Suman Inc. approaches Segmentation strategically. Unlike tactical marketing methodologies such as promotions and day-to-day pricing, market segmentation, by its very definition, is a foundational exercise, that can change the way categories and brands get managed.

  • EZSegment is different from other market segmentation methodologies in important ways:

    • It adopts a goal-based approach. Segments are created to optimize marketing goals of consumer targetability via databases, product design optimization, communication optimization, channel strategy optimization, or a combination of any of the four.

    • It recognizes an important marketing paradigm: few segmentation schemes, if any, achieve optimization across all marketing objectives (it is very rare to see segmentations achieve an all-element marketing-plan optimization for any product category or industry). Using EZSegment, Marketers can segment markets to achieve their desired marketing goals, by consciously selecting one from many segmentation solutions that EZSegment provides.

    • It is an iterative process – intricately involving strategic and tactical marketing teams from the client and Suman Inc’s consultants and statisticians.

    • It uses an extremely rigorous statistical methodology that has been invented by Suman Inc’s management team in close collaboration with leading Marketing Academics.

  • Methodology: EZSegment uses statistically rigorous and proprietary tools to achieve segments optimized across multiple marketing objectives. It also enables one to quickly reduce the set of variable to one that is most relevant to defining the most discriminating segments.
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