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Category Managers and Brand Managers

Visualize the Strategic Competitive Landscape for your Category, and its evolution over a year or more. Take a close look at how competition within your Category has changed/evolved last year, before making this year’s decisions on your marketing budget allocations.

  • Competitive Insights:Which competing SKUs/Brands are the biggest competitors to your SKUs? Within each competitive group, what is the extent of share that is susceptible to loss from these competing Brands/SKUs?
  • Segment Insights:Which groups of households buy each of the SKUs?
  • Cannibalization Insights:The extent of cannibalization that exists within your own brands?
  • Changes over Time:The patterns of inter-brand/SKU competition changes last year?

Use EZCompete to understand the Strategic Competitive Landscape within your Category. Uze EZCompete to visually lay out the competitive landscape before you.     Use EZCompete

  • What is EZCompete?

    EZCompete: Lays out Strategic Competitive Landscapes for a Category using Frequent Shopper Transaction Data or Shopping Panel Data.

    Using EZCompete, Category and Brand managers can generate Strategic Competitive Landscapes for their Categories based on two major data sources:

    • Data based on Household Panels, or
    • Frequent Shopper Data from Retailers

  • Why use EZCompete? Currently, there is no known analytical tool that lays out a fact-based Strategic Competitive Landscape within a Category. EZCompete provides Category Managers and Brand Managers a visual Landscape of the competition within their Categories.

  • When to use EZCompete? At the beginning of the Category Planning cycle, before the Budget Allocation Process commences.

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